Erin Chen:
"The English programme at HKSYU has provided me a chance to learn and view humanity-related disciplines with a crucial, cautious, and creative mindet. It is so satisfying and heartwarming that I feel at home when I study with the program, espcially communicating with professors and my peers. The best part about the programme is that it taught us to learn English with a big-picture perspective that it is beyond language or a communication tool in which social, historical, and cultural factors are involved in the programme."

Aasish Subedi
"The English Department in SYU is truly one of a kind, providing students with a rare opportunity to study various aspects of the English language all within one programme. The well-curated and comprehensive courses not only broadened my perspective, it also reignited my passion and love for the English language. Moreover, the professors are not only knowledgeable but also very approachable and supportive. They are always willing to have a chat and provide guidance whenever needed, helping students unlock and achieve their full potential, which fosters both academic development and personal growth." 

Faye Cheng:
"The BA English programme at HKSYU has been an enriching and transformative experience. Its interdisciplinary approach ash exposed myself to diverse perspectives and allowed me to develop a well-rounded understanding of English and its cultural implications. Most importantly, the programme has not only nurtured my passion for English, but also prepared me for a wide range of career paths in education, publishing, and cultural industries."