L.S. So (graduated in 2020, currently work in the field of banking and financial management) 
"The interdisplinary approach to teaching and learning in the department has changed my view on studying or pursuing a degree. The department provides a wide range of knowledge which constantly makes me think and re-think not only our lives but the earth." 

L.Y. Kong (graduated in 2023, currently a freelance writer) 
"Studying as an English major at HKSYU allows me to think in an all-rounded, critical way. The department has a great selection of reads for different ideologies and themes in the literature world. It allows us to reflect on our lives and expand our horizons by studying and analysing the plot and history of literary texts. My study has helped me developed a deeper understanding of today's world and strengthened the moral values and virtues I've always been beholding."

H.L. Leung (graduated in 2023, currently working in the field of editing and publishing) 
"Being an English department student is not only about learbing English but also the connection between languages, literatures, cultures, translation and the society. By studying in multiple areas, I have opened my mind and be much more creative."