🎉 Exciting News from the Language Centre (English Section)!

The Consultation Desk is now open!

🌟 Get Ready to Meet Our Student Language Consultants! 🌟

The Language Centre is delighted to announce the arrival of five senior students from the BA in English Programme, who will be taking charge at the Consultation Desk (15-minute one-on-one consultations) starting from 11 September 2023 at Research Lower Block RLG104.

✨ Boost Your Language Skills and Your Confidence! ✨

At the Language Centre, we're dedicated to helping you improve your English language proficiency. Our consultants are here to assist you in...

-academic writing and critical reading strategies skills 

-refining your grammar

-improving your listening, speaking and pronunciation skills 

-polishing your presentation skills

Gain the confidence you need to express yourself fluently and effectively!

🎈 Discover a World of Fun and Learning at the Language Centre! 🎈

But wait, there's more! The Language Centre isn't just about consultations. We offer a variety of facilities and activities that will make your language-learning experience interesting! Immerse yourself in the world of English through... 

-movie-watching sessions

-engaging board games 

-interactive workshops

-e-learning resources