LIU Jianwen Kacey
Assistant Professor
Associate Head of Department (External)
Translation Stream Coordinator

PhD in Gender Studies / Translation Studies,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
MA in Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics,
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
B.A. in English Education, South China Normal University

Courses Taught

Graduate Level:
Gender Studies in Interdisciplinary Contexts

Undergraduate Level:
Gender/Sexuality in Literature and Films
Introduction to Translation
Literary Translation
Gender, Language and Translation
Translation and Globalization
English Writing (1)
English Writing (2)

Research Interests

Corpus-based Translation
Gender and Translation
Gender and Language

Research Grant

2022-2023 (PI), "Gender Role Portrayal of Parents in Hong Kong Children's Literature: Egalitarian or Stereotyping?", University Research Grant (HK$39028.5)

(PI) 1 Jan 2018 - 30 June 2021, “How do students perform and perceive translation tasks in corpus-assisted translation settings? – A quantitative and qualitative study on the potential and problems of using corpus in specialized translation teaching in Hong Kong” (UGC/FDS15/H11/17), FDS Research Grant Council (HK$783,595)


Liu, J. (2022) Beyond the Gender Binary: An Analysis of the Representation of Androgyny in Wang Xifeng. Dream of the Red Chamber: Literary and Translation Perspectives. Edited by Moratto, R, Liu, K., & Chao, D. New York: Routledge. 2022: 10-28.


Liu, J. and Zhu, L. (2022) Book review of “When Translation Goes Digital: Case Studies and Critical Reflections” Edited by Renée Desjardins, Claire Larsonneur and Philippe Lacour. Palgrave Macmillan, 2021. Asia Pacific Journal of Corpus Research


Liu, K; Kwok, H.L.; Liu, J.; Cheung, A.K.F. (2022) Sustainability and Influence of Machine Translation: Perceptions and Attitudes of Translation Instructors and Learners in Hong Kong. Sustainability, 14, 6399.

Liu, Jianwen. (2021) Book review of “Gender in Literary Translation: A Corpus-based Study of the English Translations of Chenzhong De Chibang”. Lingzi Meng. Singapore: Springer, 2019. 162 pp., EUR 99.99 (hardcover). Asia Pacific Journal of Corpus Research.
Liu, Jianwen. (2021) Book Review of "Corpus‐assisted Translation Teaching: Issues and Challenges". Kanglong Liu. Singapore: Springer Nature Singapore Private Limited, 2020. 168 pp., EUR85.59 (e‐book). International Journal of Applied Linguistics.

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Liu, Jianwen. (2011) Richard’s Image in Translation: A Comparison of Male and Female Translations of Free Women (《自由女性》中的理查:比較女譯者版本與男譯者版本), Studies of Translation and Interpretation, 2011 (14): 47-68.

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Liu, Jianwen. (2006) Contextual Adaptation in the Translation of English Advertising Slogans, Foreign Language Research, 2006 (07): 192-195.

Invited Talks

Liu, Jianwen. (2020) “Introducing Translation Criticism from an Eco-translation Perspective: Concepts and Applications”, invited talk at Centre for Translation Studies, SOAS, University of London, 5 Nov, 2020

Liu, Jianwen. (2018) “Gender Perspectives and the Translation of Feminist novels”, invited talk of the “Read & Red: Pillars of PolyU Lecture Series”, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, March 27, 2018





 Liu, Jianwen. (2015) “Translation and Globalization”, invited talk at the School of Foreign Languages and Studies, Southeast University, May 29, 2015.

Conference Presentations

Liu, J. and Chan, M. (2022) “Mediating Heroism through Picturebooks: A Study of the French Translation of the Chinese poem “The Ballad of Mulan” (Mulan Ci <木蘭辭>) in the Form of a Picturebook”, Presented in “The International Conference on Translation, Ideology, Ethics: Response and Credibility” (Department of Translation and Interpretation Studies, Vilnius University, Lithuania, 22–24 September 2022)

Liu, J, Liu, K., Su, Y. (2022) “Routinizing Corpus Use in Translation Learning: Translation Trainees’ Perspectives”, Presented in “Conference on Building a Techno-Humanities Culture in Hong Kong” (School of Humanities and Languages, Caritas Institute of Higher Education, 5-6 January, 2022)


Liu, Jianwen, Liu, Kanglong. (2021) “Data-driven Learning and Corpus-assisted Translation Pedagogy: An Exploratory Study”, Presented in “2020 International Conference on Translation Studies in East Asia: Tradition, Transition, Transcendence” (Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 19-20 June, 2021)

Liu, Jianwen, Liu, Kanglong. (2019) “Discovering the Advantage of Using Corpus in Translation Teaching: An Evidence-based Approach”, Presented in “HKSYU Evidence-Based Practice International Conference 2019” (Hong Kong Shue Yan University, 25 October 2019)

Liu Kanglong, Liu, Jianwen. (2019) “Use of Parallel Corpus in Translation Teaching: What do Students Say?” Presented in “The 2019 International Conference on Translation Education: Computer-Aided Translator Training (CATT): Of Machines and Man” (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, 24-25 August, 2019 )

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Li, Dechao, Liu, Jianwen & Liu, Kanglong. (2019) “Designing and Applying a Large-scale English-Chinese Parallel Corpus for Translator Training: With TR Corpus as an Example”, Presented in “The Conference of Corpus use in Translation and Teaching in the Big Data Era” (Fujian University of Technology, Fuzhou 10-12 May, 2019)

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