Assistant Professor

PhD in Language, Media and Society - King's College London, UK
MA in Linguistics - University of Antwerp, Belgium
BA in Language and Literature (English-Spanish) - University of Antwerp, Belgium

Courses Taught

English Usage 
English as a Global Language
Issues in Pragmatics

Research Interests

Online Discourse
Linguistic pragmatics


Deschrijver, C. (forth., 2020). Mediatized communication and linguistic reflexivity in contemporary public and political life. In A. de Fina and A. Georgakopoulou (eds), The Cambridge Handbook of Discourse Studies. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Deschrijver, C. (2020). Metalinguistic density as an indicator of sharedness: Economic and financial terms in online interaction. Language & Communication, 71, 123-135.

Deschrijver, C. (2018). Defaulting to metalanguage: Financial concept negotiations in user comments as a case of mediatization. Language@Internet, 16, article 3. <http://www.languageatinternet.org/articles/2018si/deschrijver>.

Georgakopoulou, A. & Deschrijver, C. (2018). Introduction to the Special Issue: The social mediatization of the economy: Texts, discourses and participation. Language@Internet, 16, 
article 1. http://www.languageatinternet.org/articles/2018si/georgakopoulou

Selected Conference Presentations and Papers

Forthcoming panel co-organiser: “Talking about Talk: Examining Social Life through Metalanguage”, World Congress of Applied Linguistics, Groningen, Netherlands, August 2021. Co-organised with Dr. Andrea Leone-Pizzighella.

"What you've come up with as 'evidence'": On the (meta-)metapragmatics of 'conspiracy theory'". 16th International Pragmatics Association Conference, Hong Kong, China, 9-14 Jun 2019.

"Explicit metalanguage as an indicator of sharedness: The case of economic and financial terms in online interaction". 2019 Ethnography in Education Research Forum, Philadelphia, US, 21-23 Feb 2019.

"Economic and Financial Terms in Online Interaction: Metalanguage in The Guardian Comment Boards during the 2010-2011 Euro Crisis Bailouts". National University of Singapore Sociolinguistics Reading Group, National University of Singapore. 7 June 2018.

"Debates on "something called 'capitalism'": Metalinguistic strategies in online user comments on financial and economic news reporting". 15th International Pragmatics Association Conference, Belfast, UK. 16-21 Jul 2017.

"A community of counting (down): Metalanguage and concept negotiations in live blog reporting on the 2015 Greek default". 21st Sociolinguistics Symposium, Murcia, Spain. 15-18 Jun 2016.