Assistant Professor

PhD in Humanities. HKBU
M.A. in Sinology & Media Studies, Trier University
Diploma in Video Production, HKAPA

Courses Taught

Contemporary Critical Thought

Modern China Through Film

Literature and Visual Culture

Visual Culture Studies

Literature and Film

Digital Games: Reality, Simulation, Interaction

Hong Kong Kung-fu Novels, Films and Chinese Culture

English Usage 

English Writing

Research Interests

Film Studies
Critical Theory
Media Theory

Selected Publications

"The Asian Underworld as Ideological Battleground: Observations on the Yakuza in Hong Kong Cinema." In: Frank Jacob (ed.). The Yakuza in Popular Media: Honorable Criminals or Violent Gangsters? Marburg: Büchner-Verlag, 97-124, 2021.

“The Doctor is in … on Modernity” in: Tao Siu Tip, The Stage Art of Dr. Faustus, Hong Kong: Repertory Theatre, 212-228, 2011.

Review of Analyses of Script: Properties of Characters and Writing Systems (edited by Gabriel Altmann & Fan Fengxiang) in: Journal of Quantitative Linguistics 17(1): 68-73

Selected Conference Presentations

"'Derridean Chinese': A Defense", The Natureculture Crisscrossings: An Emergent Chinese-Western Intersectional Perspective conference, HKSYU, 2019

"'She Remains a Problem': Nature, First and Second, in the Anthropocene", The Anthropocene and Beyond: Towards a Shared Narrativity in Interdisciplinary Research, HKSYU, 2018


"Schelling on China: Myth, Music, Language, Script", American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA) conference, Utrecht University, 2017


“Projected Force and ‘Abstract Nationalism’”, Asian Cinema Studies Society (ACSS) conference, University of Hong Kong, 2012

“Slick Lumpen from Mong Kok to Maaskantje”, Rethinking Resistance, University of Macau, 2011

“Re-/Dis-‘Disconnected’: Linguistic Identity and Ideological Bifurcation”, Association for Cultural Studies (ACS) Crossroads, Lingnan University, 2010