Name Title Phone Room Email
Prof. Peter Roland George STOREY Head of Department 2806-5171 LG408
Prof. Edward Zhisheng WEN Interim Head 2806-5147 LG407
Dr. Rebekah BALE Assistant Professor 2104-8258 LG564
Dr. CHAN Chi Ying Michelle Associate Head of Department (Internal) 2104-8272 LG556
Dr. CHAN Chiu Fung Maria Assistant Professor 2104-8240 LG558
Dr. Benjamin FREUDENBERG Assistant Professor 2104-8258 LG547
Dr LAM Chit Yu Cherry Assistant Professor 2104-8243 LG552
Dr. LAM Yee Man Assistant Professor 2104-8250 LG557
Dr. LEUNG Cham Sum Jason Senior Lecturer 2104-8239 LG548
Dr. LEUNG Ming Ming Grace Senior Lecturer 2104-8246 LG555
Dr. LIU Jianwen Kacey Associate Head of Department (External) 2104-8256 LG559
Dr. Bindu NAIR Senior Lecturer 2806-8245 LG554
Dr. Benjamin OLIN Assistant Professor 2104-8236 LG563
Dr. WAN Yau Ni Jenny Senior Lecturer 2104-8257 LG549
Dr. WONG Chi Keung George Senior Lecturer 2104-8254 LG545
Dr. WONG Man Ho Ivy Assistant Professor 2104-8230 LG550
Dr YU Kam Wan Anora Senior Lecturer 2806-5152 LG561
Part-time Teacher(s):
Dr. TAM King-fai Adjunct Professor N.A. N.A.
Mr. CHEUNG Chun Yip Liam Lecturer (Part-time) N.A. N.A.
Mr. Serge GALIN Lecturer (Part-time) N.A. N.A.
Mr. Herman IP Lecturer (Part-time) N.A N.A
Mr. Johnson LEE Lecturer (Part-time) N.A. N.A.
Ms. Charlotte OUYANG Lecturer (Part-time) N.A. N.A
Mr. POON Chi Keung Eddie Lecturer (Part-time) N.A. N.A.
Dr. WONG Nai Fai, Leo Senior Lecturer (Part-time) N.A. N.A.