C.L. Leung (Year 4 student):
The SYU English Department gave me a second chance to reflect on myself and my passion for English after the disastrous battle of HKDSE. The four streams of the English courses provided, namely Literature, Translation, Linguistics, and Cultural Studies, have helped me explore my interests and cultivate my potential to a great extent. Speaking about the teachers, I guarantee you that you will never find someone like them after you graduate from university, perhaps for the rest of your life. Sometimes you might struggle with the assignments and think that teachers are forever torturing you in sleepless nights. But pains are temporary. The pains exist because a better you is waiting for you in the near future. The teachers are little angels compared with those you will face in your future career life. The teachers’ efforts are to take you to a higher altitude, where a clearer, more magnificent view is expecting you.

Treasure the opportunities to improve your language proficiency and keep upgrading yourself in the coming four years of college life. The SYU English Department is a paradise for pursuing peaceful learning. You will only have four years here to share your laughter and tears with your friends and schoolmates, yet self-learning is a life-long journey which requires a dogged determination and a never-ending passion for completing. Hope you will find your interests and unleash your ultimate potential in this miracle place. The world of language is so vast that you will never see an end. Life must go on. Seize the moments now to step out of your comfort zone and shine like a diamond.

L.Y. Kong (Year 3 student):
Studying as an English major at HKSYU allows me to think in an all-rounded, critical way. English Literature department has a great selection of reads for different ideologies and themes in the literature world. It allows us to reflect on our lives and expand our horizons by studying and analysing the plot and history behind these elegant words. More importantly, it has helped me develop a deeper understanding of today’s world and strengthened the moral values and virtues I’ve always been beholding. The literature stream has changed the way I see things and helped me appreciate little things in life.
H.L. Leung (Year 3 student):

Being an English department student is not only learning English but learning about the connection between the four streams and society. The four streams (Literature, Linguistics, Culture, Translation) are closely connected together, which influence me to reflect on society and history. For example, the popular drama “Pygmalion” has covered the areas of Literature, Linguistics and Culture. It shows the relationship between the uses of language and social status. Studying in the English Department, makes me have deeper ideas from the Literature and Culture view. It has influenced me to open up my mind and be creative.